Oral History Highlights


Ian Adams, Cuyahoga Falls
Renowned environmental photographer and author shares his views about the park’s abundance of beautiful features.

Bob Bissler, Copley
Has hiked Cuyahoga Valley National Park weekly with friend Holly Wilson for 25 years. Has taken hundreds of pictures while enjoying the park. Feels his life has changed and he is in good health because he hikes so much and lives close to the park.

Mike Kaplan, former mayor of Peninsula
Talks about the challenges that Peninsula Village and Boston Township face because of their existence within park boundaries.

Jane Lemmo, Peninsula
Has lived in the park for all of her 66 years. She hiked the hills as a child and feels it was the ideal place to grow up. She shares her memories of when the park first came in and took over houses.

Ralph Regula, Beach City
The retired congressman recalls how he and other politicians fought for the formation of the park in the early 1970s.

Colleen Riley, Copley
Family lived in the park. She has many memories of growing up in the park and still enjoys visiting it. Says, “If it had to be taken, then the gift is that it’s been returned, not only to us but all of humanity that wants to visit.”

Betty Seiberling, Copley
Wife of John Seiberling, champion of the park and congressman from 1971 to 1987. Shares memories of husband’s legacy.

David Seiberling, West Akron
Son of John Seiberling, champion of the park and congressman from 1971 to 1987. Shares memories of father’s legacy.

Matt and Liz Johnson, Solon
Got engaged in the park at Blue Hen Falls.

Holly Wilson, Akron
Has hiked CVNP weekly with friend Bob Bissler for 25 years. Works at Old Trail School in the park. Has taken her children to the park since they were babies.

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