Cuyahoga Valley National Park Hotlist

National Parks

Blog Posts about National Parks,GGLD:2008-14,GGLD:en&q=national+parks&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=blogsearch_group&resnum=14&ct=title

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Brochures — Excellent handouts about many park topics in .pdf format

Explore Outdoors Activity Book — Download or get at the park – cool activities for kids

National Park Wikipedia

National Park Attendance

National Park Foundation

National Park Pictographs

National Park Service

Northeast Ohio Park Attendance


The Ultimate Resource to America’s National Parks

United States National Parks — Links to each park. Some have reader ratings


Camping & Campfire Songs and Stories

Boy Scout Campfire Stories

Campfire Songs — Lyrics only

Camp Stories

Dragon Campfire Songs
— Lyrics only

Lets Go Camping! A Resource for the Camping Novice

Spooky Campfire Stories

Story Maker — You fill in the template and it writes a story for you.

Ultimate Camp Resources: Campfire Stories — Help with writing a short story


Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley Map

Cuyahoga Valley National Park From the National Park Service

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Photos by QT Loung

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Wikipedia

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Information — Camping, hiking, hotels, maps and much more — Maps and information about hiking trails




The Ohio and Erie Canals: Catalyst of Economic Development for Ohio

Ohio Canal Map

Ohio Canals

Ohio Canals — Has short video

Ohio’s Historic Canals


Deer Overpopulation

Caring for Deer and Forests

Deer Population Control

Fixing Deer Overpopulation (WebQuest)

North America’s Most Dangerous Mammal: How best to deal with the menace of Bambi

Study: Deer Population May Hamper Forest Health, Diversity of Tree Species


Great Blue Herons

All About Birds: The Great Blue Heron

Bird Web: The Great Blue Heron


Land Reclamation

Krecji Dump

EPA Environmental Kids Club


Lesson Plans

870 Deer Lesson Plans

EPA Environmental Kids Club Game Room — A fun way to learn about the environment

Fixing Deer Overpopulation (WebQuest)

Rivers, Roads and Rails — Social studies focus

Sustainable Forestry —  Lesson plans, tests and materials



CVNP Towpath (scroll down)

World’s Best Photos


Water Conservation

Envirofacts Data Warehouse — You put in the zip code and it answers questions about your water supply.

Environmental Activity Book by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (see water-related pages)

Freshwater Conservation: What You Can Do

Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN)

Once Gray. Now Green — Created by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Safeguarding Fresh Water

Stream Study

Wally’s World — Wally is a water drop. Information is good, but it is for younger students.


Water Preservation

Five Ways to Preserve Water

Youth Noise—Drop! The Community Site that has high school students getting involved with a cause—This cause is water preservation

InfoLink: Water Preservation

Freshwater Conservation: What You Can Do

Safeguarding Fresh Water


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